Drones Have Become Great Livestock Tracking Devices on Farms


Many people are not yet aware of the fact that drones can be used for much more than just taking pictures and filming. Other great uses include; search and rescue operations, farming (as in spraying pesticides and analyzing the land from above), monitor wildfires, mapping, delivering aid and more.

Today, we’ll analyze the role that drones can play when it comes down to monitoring livestock. So far, certain farms have equipped themselves with drones to help farmers keep an eye on their animals and to make sure that none get lost, as well as to ensure that they get fed accordingly and are living a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, unmanned aerial vehicles have the potential of replacing dogs as herders, as UAVs can help big farms keep a close eye on sick, distressed, injured and escaped animals.
Drones Used For Tracking Livestock

In turn, this will not only save farmers a lot of time, but it will also ensure that the animals have a healthy lifestyle, which is exactly what is desired by everyone. Together with this, the technology could also be used for tracking purposes, and to scare off animals, or thieves. The technology can be used for a wide variety of livestock animals, such as sheep, cattle and cows.

We suggest reading drone reviews to evaluate the best options for each individual farm. Bigger farms need more sophisticated drones with a wider range reach than smaller farms.

The use of drones for monitoring livestock is currently gaining ground over in Australia and Israel, where there are hundreds of thousands of cattle being bred. Farms that have already started using the exciting drone copter technology to keep an eye on their animals have reported that they saved a lot of manpower and that now they can easily keep track of all of their animals, from the comfort of a room, without needing to go out on the field.

The drone tracking technology is also expected to gain ground in other countries where livestock is bred, such as in the United States, once the FAA establishes a clearer ground set of rules on unmanned aerial vehicles.

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