yeair! – The Quadcopter of the Future

yeair! is the next generation quadcopter solution. More airtime, more payload, more speed. And… more style. yeair! combines the reliabilty of electric engines with the power of a combustion engine – the best of both worlds.

yeair! is the first quadcopter that takes the challenge of carrying combustion engines that can be controlled with the accuracy of electric engines. The result is:

  • 60 MIN MAX AIRTIME – yeair! gives you up to one hour of air time. And that gives you, well, the freedom to do whatever you like. (Film, transport…)
  • UP TO 5 KG PAYLOAD – yeair! can carry a payload up to 5 kg, enough to carry e.g. cinema quality camera system.
  • UP TO 100 KM/H TOP SPEED – yeair! gives you up to 100 km/h of speed. More than enough to follow a driving car.
  • INSANELY AFFORDABLE: € 1399 – yeair! goal: high technology for everybody.
  • OPEN SOURCE – By reaching € 150.000 (Stretchgoal), yeair! is totally open for great developer ideas. The extra servoslot is free programmable with the open source interface for the I/O Coding within the app.


yeair! in air


And yeair! delivers all standard quadcopter features that are state of the art, inlcuding: follow me mode, automatic start and landing function, autonomous flight option, and yeair! is ready for industrial use.

yeair! is made in Germany and will be available only on Kickstarter (€ 1399 for Early Birds). Crowdfunding starts May 26, 2015 9am PST.