WATCH: The All New SteadiDrone VADER, Heavy Duty, Any Job, Any Time is Here


The VADER is it, the only commercial and industrial aerial workhorse you need consider, with a wide flight envelope, reliable performance and great looks, the only thing bigger than the VADER itself is it’s list of features and specification figures. The VADER will let you focus on capturing the data you need, while it takes care of the heavy lifting.



Drones are here, and they’re here to stay. What’s so exciting about what we do? It’s the feedback and stories we hear from our clients, of what they do with our aerial platforms. Everything from simple aerial photography to chasing birds off of airport runways, advanced mapping to delivering Pizza and beer!

SteadiDrone is helping shape the future of where and how these amazing robots will evolve, and how they can play an important role in everyday life and business.

From ready to fly turn-key solutions to custom OEM manufacturing, we provide the highest quality aerial vehicles and airframes, along with training and technical support. Our experienced technicians go above and beyond to ensure every system is test flown, triple checked and ready to get the job done.

We wish you happy flying and remember to be #dronesponsible.



Source: SteadiDrone
Image Credit: SteadiDrone

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