We are aerial cinematographers using cutting edge remote piloted aircraft (drones, RPAs, UAVs, and UASs) for capture of HD video and photography.

The scope to shoot aerial video and photography exists through a broad range of projects, and we work with clients across industries from real estate to tourism, sporting events and entertainment right up to tv and film.

As aerial photography and cinematography specialists, we can bring a new dimension to your shoot and give you more options than ever before for capturing your subject. Not sure how drones could add to footage and stills shot on the ground? Our team will bring a creative approach to your project, inspiring you to think big.

Traditionally aerial footage for TV, film and online was shot using helicopters or fixed wing aircraft. It was very expensive, both to outsource the aircraft and on the day of shooting. There were limitations due to size, noise and legalities. For close ups? Forget about it.

Droneheadz combine cutting edge technologies in aviation and video capture. We get the shots that a helicopter can’t get and the ones they can, cheaper, and without any logistical nightmares. For a closer idea of what we could bring to your project, explore our Services menu, and don’t miss out on our show reel. Those shots you’d have loved if you had an unlimited budget? Now, they’re well within reach, thanks to our drones and high-end cameras. We can even train you or your camera team to become operators, with exclusive privateUAV certification training.

Explore the potential of aerial photography and video today. Contact us on 1300 732 994 to start the conversation.



Source: Droneheadz.com.au
Image: Facebook.com/droneheads