VIDEO OF THE DAY: Stunning Video Shot with GoPro Hero4+ and Phantom2 in the Nilgiris, South India


The footages are a mix of 2.7k and 1440 modes, and therefore is a mix, protune, flat modes.  Editing process involves converting stock footage to Cineon, then applied a free downloadable LUT from, modify the curves (RGB) as per taste through adjustment layers in AE.

It’s amazing to see how the gopro preserves a lot of details so it looks pretty big on dynamic range, provided you set the EV values on the camera correctly. Many of the shots were shot during mid day and the sun was harsh, still I think the clouds are rich enough to give more details. Used masks to control divided exposure to differentiate sky and ground for good colouring, though I know didn’t spend a lot of time on this.

Gopro 4 Black
Phantom 2 – H4-3D
TS-832 Tx with iOSD Mini with Blackpearl 7″ FPV monitor
Music credits – Tony Anderson Dreamlife



Image: Screenshot


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