How to Shoot Live HD Broadcast with Your Drone



Hi, my name is Justin Chapman. We are at the US Open at Chambers Bay. For the first time a drone is being used for Live HD broadcast on an event of this scale. For years we’ve struggled with RF. One of the biggest things was, we can fly only standard DEF, and with that standard DEF we either had big breakups or we just couldn’t frame the shots. Or when we went to the HD world they were either too big or too bulky and we couldn’t fly them on the drones.

But now we have the microLite HD. Partnered with IMT this allows us to do jobs of this magnitude. Where we’re filming with FOX Sports, Live HD broadcasts, filming professional golfers.

Now let me show you how we get the picture from the drone to your Live TV screens:

So our drone flight path is 500 feet from the edge of the rail road tracks out of the water, where you’re then shooting back over beautiful Chambers Bay.




We’re using microLite HD system which you see that is posted out here.


microLite HD


This is a receive station which then comes back to Node transmitter station that gives us perfect HD quality for Live broadcast.



Image: Screenshot


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