Photos from Rogue Aerial Productions Circles in the Sand Artist Denny Dyke’s Amazing Huge Labyrinth

Agate Beach, Bandon, Oregon Ben Bachman Rogue Aerial Productions

Here’s a look at some photos from a shoot for Circles in the Sand and Master Labyrinth Artis Denny Dyke from Bandon, Oregon. These beautiful Sandy Path Labyrinths feature one continuous path from start to finish. This labyrinth interior space was easily larger than a football field at roughly 400-500ft long and 300-400ft in depth.

On this day the winds were gusting to 30kts and I was fighting the wind a bit but, as you can see we did alright! In just about 2 1/2 hours they put this together and about an hour later the sea came up to take back its beach and consumed the labyrinth in minutes. The stories say it is carried back to sea so that the dolphins and whales can have their chance to take a walk on the labyrinth. Denny Dyke is accepting bookings from around the world and is eager to draw anywhere the sand and space permit. Open booking slots are filling quickly though. For more information about Circles in the Sand and Denny Dyke, visit:

To reach Rogue Aerial Productions, the company that filmed and produced the video visit:

Agate Beach, Bandon, Oregon by Rogue Aerial
Agate Beach, Bandon, Oregon by Rogue Aerial

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Circles in the Sand Shoot, Agate Beach, Bandon, Oregon by Rogue Aerial

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