Drone Footage Shot with 135mm Long Lens


Most of the time you see drone footage shot with super wide-angle lenses: 14mm, 24mm, maybe a 35mm. But how does it look like with when shooting with a 135mm lens (35mm equivalent is 170mm) and full remote focus control?

Brooklyn Aerials offers leading FAA 333 exempt low altitude aerial cinematography, using the latest technology from Freefly Systems with heavy lift octocopters and the revolutionary MōVI stabilizers. Our CineLifter and Cinestar are custom built to fly the worlds best cinema cameras, including the RED Epic Dragon, Alexa Mini and Sony F55, capturing perfectly smooth and stable footage right out of the camera.

Testing our custom build Cinestar X8 with the Freefly MōVI MR10.



Camera: RED Epic Dragon
Lenses: vintage Zeiss Sonar 135mm f/4 and Nikon Nikkor 85mm f/1.4
Director Of Photography: Tim Sessler
Camera Operator: Cody White and Michael Marantz
Music: d_rradio – End Of A Wild Life


Image: Screenshot


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