The CAD Drones Community Needs Your Help


We’re attempting to build the CAD Drones Community into the best tool/resource for hobby and educational users on the planet! Our main goal is for the community to become the cornerstone for people seeking to someday turn that Drone 3D Printing hobby into a successful product/business or that hard working student who wants to find a design job in the Drone or RC Industry.

We’re currently very close to sharing our FREE CAD Quad project on the CAD Drones Community but our work alone won’t be enough. We need individuals and companies that have expertise with CAD, Drones, 3D Printing, Software, Design, Engineering, or any other field that translates into the Commercial Drone Industry.

For example recently (who builds FREE software for designing and manufacturing electronics hardware) reached out to us and is now going to share tons of blogs and forums posts on tips, tricks, guides, etc. It will be related to their software and how it can be used for hobbyists, teachers, and student members of our International CAD Drones community.

This is not only provides great advertising and development of their software but it helps grow our CAD Drones Community into a powerful tool.

The CAD Drones Community is looking for new members who are: Teachers, Students, Beginners, Hobbyists, Professionals/Experts, Companies/Corporations/Associations, Entrepreneurs, Engineers or anyone else who wants to become a part of the CAD Drones Community and help it grow!


Via: Joshua Allen Johnson


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