Inspire 1 Video of Gorgeous Polish City


Plock is located on the Vistula river, about two hours from the capitol city, Warszawa. I lived there while I was an exchange student, and we had the chance to bring our Inspire on our most recent visit to the city. This video was filmed in and around the old town; we used a GH4 for the ground shots.

We hope you enjoy it!


The Inspire footage really held up well- even at night. The final shots were filmed at both 800 and 1600 ISO. In terms of exposure 800 was the better choice, but it introduced some serious rolling shutter and wasn’t usable. We crushed the blacks in post on the 1600 ISO to remove some noise and purple haze.

Brendan Keen

Brendan Keen is a technology enthusiast and drone videographer. He is the CEO of Keen Aerial Productions, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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