Extraordinary Winners of the 2015 Drone Aerial Photography Contest

For the second year in a row, Dronestagram and National Geographic teamed up for the 2015 Drone Aerial Photography Contest. More than 5,000 entries were submitted from people around the globe, by both professional photographers and amateur drone enthusiasts. The winners were recently announced, and their images are awe-inspiring depictions of life captured from above.


Drone photography showcases the beauty and, often, the quirkiness of our world. This vantage point also reveals things that we’d never see while standing on the ground, and the winning images capture: the tops of buildings peeking out of densely-foggy skies; a massive castle that now appears completely dwarfed; and vibrant, multi-colored fields that seem like an abstract painting. We now know what it looks like when people snorkel with sharks, and how excitedly terrifying it must be to free-dive into crystal clear waters.

Sponsors—including National Geographic, Kodak, Parrot, and Go Pro—awarded amazing prizes to the photos seen below, and the category winners will all have their work published in the French edition of National Geographic magazine.

Above photo: 1st Prize Winner – Category Places: Above the mist by Ricardo Matiello



1st Prize Winner – Category Nature: Snorkeling with sharks by Tahitiflyshoot



2nd Prize Winner – Category Places: Mont-Saint-Michel, by Wanaiifilms



2nd Prize Winner – Category Nature: La Jolla by kdilliard



3rd Prize Winner – Category Places: Tulip fileds by Anders@andersa.com



3rd Prize Winner – Category Nature: Lost island, Tahaa, French Polynesia, by Marama Photo Video



1st Prize Winner – Category Dronies: Where’s Wally, Limassol Carnaval, Cyprus by FlyovermediaCy



2nd Prize Winner – Popular Prizes (most liked picture): Plovidv by night, Bulgaria by Ice Fire



3rd Prize Winner – Popular Prizes (most liked picture): Glorieto Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico by Wootsor


By Sara Barnes
Dronestagram: Website
National Geographic: Website


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