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Flight data is vital to your success as an operator.  With all that data comes the need for secure high capacity storage and processing software applications, many of which require high-powered, expensive computers.  Data captured in flight will need to be shared between the field, back office operations and ultimately with client locations, a costly and time-consuming process. Moving your data from the field to back office computers can even delay your pilots starting their next job in a timely manner, impacting your bottom line.

DroneData Dallas (former Yahoo Dallas data center) is the first dedicated data center infrastructure tailored for the drone industry. We take the pressure off by providing a cost-effective, secure environment to store and share your data, and execute applications.  As you grow, we can move those expensive compute-intensive applications out of your back office to a cloud server, saving you money and headaches.

DroneData also incorporates a growing federation of more than one hundred domestic and international data centers to provide a robust and capable processing platform for geographically dispersed clients.

Focus More On Missions, Less On The Back Office: VirtualAirBoss is a device independent, end to end software solution for managing a drone based business including mission critical flight resources, flight data management, and client billing. VAB also automates flight log and COA reporting to increase efficiency and ensure compliance.

Embrace Big Data, Manage with Ease: Cyphre provides unlimited secure hardware encrypted cloud storage for only $9/month per user, making it easy and practical to store your data. Access and share data among your field personal and the central office from anywhere and from any device.

Share Data Efficiently: VirtualAirBoss, Cyphre and all software applications residing on DroneData cloud and dedicated servers can share stored data files without any data transfer delays or data transfer expense.  Cyphre users may share data among themselves as well as sync to other cloud providers like DropBox and Box.

Join the DroneData Marketplace:  Get access to best in class applications and analytics to streamline your flight operations. Drone operators can purchase virtual and dedicated servers to minimize back office computing infrastructure expense.

Visit DroneData and the DroneData Store to learn more about how we can minimize back office spend and maximize the return of your drone fleet. Feel free to contact one of our experts at to plot a flight plan for success.


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Martin Woodall

Founder and CEO, DroneData