Interview with Zack Cram, Co-Founder of


Zack Cram is one of the founders of, a new platform for drone operators to grow and manage their business online, as well as help obtain important permits and regulations.



Tell us about yourself and your background.

I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my professional life, but mostly in the field of consumer product development. This is my first venture into software.


How did you get started in the drone industry?

My friend purchased a DJI inspire, and I had the chance to play around with it a few times. I was hooked.


Tell us about your company, what it is, and your role there. How did the company get started? started as a project between my friend and I, originally as a site where you could list your drone and people in your area could find and book you. There were already quite a few sites out there that did this. but none of them were as good as they could be. Also, the more drone pilots we talked to, the more we realized they needed help managing regulations and liability insurance, not just getting more business. We decided to focus on eliminating the real day to day struggles with running a drone business, not just getting found.


Tell us about your team and what makes them great. Any interesting stories about how the team came together? 

Drew is the software engineer and built the app. He has been looking for a portfolio project, and I had this idea but didn’t have the technical knowledge to do it alone. I focus on biz dev, customer development, marketing, and Drew maintains the code base.


What project that you have worked on are you most proud of?

We’re pretty proud of this project, based on the initial response we’ve been getting.


Are there any upcoming developments at your company?

Well the entire project is a new development. But we’re really excited to offer drone pilots a one stop shop for hosting their videos as well. We’ve built in a slick gallery page for pilots to display their work.


What are some of the characteristics of a great drone pilot?

I would say the ones that have the most fun doing it do the best. Most of the people we talk to started out as hobbyists, and they would still be doing it if there was no money involved.


How do you make yourself and your business stand out in the crowd?

Usually the things that are the most tedious are the most important. Having a slick website is great, but you have to go out and find the business and sell your service. I would say we really listen to our customers and build what they want, and that sets us apart from the other drone listing sites.


What advances in drone technology are you excited about?

Autonomous drones are pretty crazy and have great applications for sports, and also the fact that cameras keep getting smaller and smaller. I think once the FAA realizes this industry is not going away and loosens regulations, there is going to be an increase of drone pilots and people that want to hire them.


Is there anything else that we haven’t touched on that you would like to share?

We would love your feedback on Dronehired!!! If you haven’t already, visit and sign up for the private beta launch.


Based out of Santa Barbara California, you can learn more about Zack at or contact him at, or call him at  2069155464.

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