5 Unexpected Uses for Drones

At Swarm UAV, we know how useful drones are for taking exceptional aerial photos and videos, but the use of drones extends far beyond this. Here are some weird and wonderful uses for drones you may find unexpected!


It’s no secret that farms are big. So checking whole fields of crops, or monitoring cattle, or looking for damage in irrigation pipes takes time and money. Farmers often have to hire several people to complete these jobs, and those people need to use vehicles that need to use fuel and so on… The costs add up quickly. It’s no surprise that farmers are turning to drones. With on-board sensors that can feed information back to the farmer almost instantly, this is a cost and time effective solution. 64-year-old farmer Bobbie Hutchinson told The Seattle Times, “I see drone farming very similar to how I saw the computer when it first started. It was a no-brainer.”

Search and Rescue:

In May 2013, a drone was used in a search and rescue mission for the first ever time. A man in Saskatchewan, Canada, was involved in an automotive accident. In his concussed and disoriented state, he wandered into the forest. With a ground and helicopter search failing to find him, a Dragon Flyer X4-ES drone with heat sensing equipment was sent to the area that his cell phone was last tracked to and found the victim.

There is even a drone search and rescue group, also by the name of SWARM (Search With Aerial Rc Multi-rotors), who are dedicated to assisting the public with search and rescue using their own personal drones. Drone hobbyists and pilots can register with SWARM and be contacted for service in their area when needed.


Pizza Delivery:

Why drive when you can fly? Pizza delivery drivers encounter all sorts of obstacles that delay pizza from arriving at your door. Drones won’t run into traffic blocks or red lights. Domino’s US has begun developing the ‘DomiCopter’; its next deliveryman that will be able to fly pizza right to your door within a four-mile radius. However, the DomiCopter isn’t up and running yet and Domino’s has yet to give an estimate date as to when we will see it in action. I’ll wait eagerly, because fast pizza is good pizza.


Bigfoot Hunting:

No, really. ‘The Falcon Project’, described as a “supernatural missing persons mission” dedicated to using a NASA-grade camera with thermal imaging on board a drone to search through remote areas of the wilderness for the ever-illusive Bigfoot. There hasn’t been any success yet and donations are starting to run dry… Very surprising!


Disaster Relief:

In 2010, after the Haiti earthquake struck, un-updated maps made it difficult for aid agencies to deliver food, water and medicine to those in desperate need. In 2013, a team of engineers sent three UAVs over Haiti for 10 days, correlating with Google Maps to create up-to-date, 3-D maps that covered 45 square kilometres. This allowed for humanitarian agencies to distribute supplies quickly.


The uses of drones, albeit quirky at times, are undeniably valuable to society. Read about another industry UAVs are advantageous in: Drones that Sell: Drones in Advertising and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest on all things UAV!

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