25 Spectacular Aerial Views Captured from Drones

Once Science fiction, it’s now fiction turned reality. We as a species have always been intrigued and fascinated by the idea of flight.

  1. Praca da Cathedral, Maringa, Brazil

On a morning where a dense layer of fog hung around the city of Maringa, one drone enthusiast sent his drone high above the fog and managed to capture this!



  1. Lost Island, Taha’a, French Polynesia

Waiting for sunset, drinking a Hinano in warm water; Rain clouds behind forming a beautiful rainbow, a picturesque photo of Tahitian life.



  1. Moorea, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Capturing natural beauty, snorkelling with sharks.



  1. Worchester, Devon, United Kingdom

The Beauty of the English countryside; one tree, dense fog, a breath-taking sunrise…



  1. Keyhole/ Pfeiffer Arch, Pfeiffer Beach, California, US

During the weeks surrounding winter solstice, the sun sets at the perfect level behind the arch on Pfeiffer Beach, California.



  1. Concordia (elevation 4700m asl), Baltoro Glacier, Karakorum. Pakistan

After a multi-copter flight, this little gem was discovered, a glacial river, carving its way through the ice at Concordia, the beginning of Baltoro one of the longest Glaciers on the planet.


Joao Pessoa

  1. Conventions centre, Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil

Sunset over the Convention Centre..



  1. Futuroscope, Jaunay-Clan, Poitou-Charentes, France

A stunning view of the ‘Futuroscope’ theme park..



  1. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Dallas, Texas, US

A breath taking view of the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge, in Dallas on a Cloudy Day.



  1. Rheinparkweg, Köln, Germany

The CRAFT Women’s Run, Koln, Germany.


Argyle St 

  1. Argyle St, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Circular Quay. Sydney Cove, where Circular Quay is now located was the site of the initial landing of the first fleet back in 1788.


West St

  1. West Street, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

A beautiful sunset over picturesque Brighton.


Shoreham Beach

  1. Shoreham Beach, Harbour Way, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, United Kingdom

A breath taking panorama of Shoreham beach at sunrise.


Mount Olomana

  1. Mount Olomana, Kailua, Hawaii, USA

The low cloud cover as the sun rose; the clouds blew off the peaks and created this amazing scene.


Banado La Estrella

  1. Banado La Estrella, Formosa, Argentina

Rowing at sunset over a magical and surreal landscape.


Coral Garden

  1. Coral Garden, Taha’a Lagoon, French Polynesia

Snorkelling in the coral garden of Taha’a lagoon.


Mokulua Islands

  1. Mokulua Islands, Kailua, Hawaii, US

This is a truly stunning view of the Mokulua islands at sunset, an exhilarating and truly beautiful scene.


Rila Mountain

  1. 18. Rila Mountain, Samokov, Samokovska, Bulgaria

Another breathtakingly beautiful sunset, the Rila mountains in Bulgaria.


Praia Vermelha

  1. Praia Vermelha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rios stunning beach sunset over Praia Vermelha.


Mont St Michel

  1. Mont Saint Michel, France

Every 18 years a super tide rushes into the English Channel and covers a pathway leading to Mont Saint-Michel turning it into an Island.



  1. The Great Belt Bridge, Haisskov, Denmark

A summer sunset overlooking ‘the Great Belt Bridge’: The world’s 2nd largest span bridge.


Naxos Island

  1. Naxos Island, Chora of Naxos, Cyclades, Greece

A luxurious summer over the Greek island of Naxos.


Dracula's castle

  1. Dracula’s Castle in Bran, Brasov, Romania

Winter over Draculas Castle in Bran!



  1. Sibiu – Hermannstadt, Sibiua, Romania.

A stunning sunset over the city of Sibiu!



  1. Waterfalls Krka, National park Krka, Croatia

A stunning angle of the Croatian national park waterfalls in Krka.



Once Science fiction, it’s now fiction turned reality. We as a species have always been intrigued and fascinated by the idea of flight. A look at our history can tell you what happens when an idea plants a seed in our minds.
It’s not all to surprising that the idea of flying machines that can gather real-time data, images and be flown remotely has had a massive impact on the world.

We’ve all seen camera pans over mountains, stunning vistas, or some other wide sweeping landscape. Gone are the days of ridiculously priced aerial footage or images. Drone photography allows you to capture that same kind of landmark footage. All that’s needed is a remote-controlled drone, otherwise called an unmanned aerial vehicle and camera equipment.

Aerial photography and videography captures some of the most stunning images out there, above are just some of those pictures!

What are drones though?

A Drone is simply a small scale aircraft, most commercial drones are quadcopter variants, which is lifted and propelled by 4 rotors, piloted either autonomously by on-board computers or by a remote control. In recent years drones had been used by the government and military, generally used when it’s potentially dangerous to put a real human there, or for information reconnaissance where unlike humans they don’t tire. The latest developments in modern technology and the drone market, has allowed companies to manufacturer commercial versions for consumer use.

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