Formula FPV London Charity Event Sunday September 13th



Imagine if you could climb on board one of these tiny 250mm race quads, taking control and flying at over 60mph around a purpose built track. At the same time, your competing with other pilots, all trying to get across the finish line first.


Welcome to FPV (First Person View) quad racing. This new High Speed, heart pumping sport is taking off and you can be part of it.

Formula FPV London, has been founded by i-Drone in partnership with Drone Junkie and is working in association with the British FPV Racing Association to bring you London’s first high speed Drone racing event.

Across the globe, there are thousands of racers taking part in organised races like this one. With sponsorship deals and high profile races, come and see what its all about. To learn more or to register, visit



Formula FPV are proud to be a part of the British FPV Racing Association. Our joint aim is to promote the sport, and drive it forward within the UK.

Everyone who races in our event, will be entered into the national standings, with a chance to go on to the UK Championships, and the chance to race to be crowned UK FPV Champion!

Without their continued support, events like ours would not exist and the sport would not flourish. To join the BFPVRA click here

You can find out more about the BFPVRL at



Any money raised from this event, will cover the event costs, ground and facilities hire etc. Any profit made during the event will be donated to the “Starlight Neonatal Centre” at Barnet General Hospital. There, they care for extremely sick and premature babies born from 25 weeks. They are very grateful for any donations and we are more than happy to support them.