FFM AIR – 4K: Aerial Video of Frankfurt Shot with a Drone and an Ultralight Plane

Taking aerial images is always something I like. Its a huge challenge and a big opportunity at the same time. I love being able to compose my image from a certain height. To get an overview and see things from a different perspective.

However its also a challenge – if you fly via drone or using an airplane. Being in the air and making steady video shots is always difficult. Drones with gimbals help a lot. Still each flight has to be carefully planned. Near my hometown is one of the busiest cities in Germany. Frankfurt. Famous for its skyline and airport.


I decided to shoot a 4K feature of the city. Combining footage shot with an ultra light plane and drone footage. Additional challenges are approvals and guidelines. For flying a drone downtown one has to apply for a permit. This typically comes with a lot of restrictions, like not flying over busy streets, near certain buildings etc. Also one has to pre-inform the police and the emergency services just before the flight and provide a mobile number to be reachable.


When using an ultralight plane other restrictions come into effect. Around the international airport there is a large restricted area. The pilot has to be very careful not to enter controlled airspace. But even outside of that there are restrictions on height in order not to interfere with the approaching planes. So its a really stressy job to navigate properly around these places.


As I love the golden hour, most of the shots were done in the late evening. The ultralight shots were done using my Panasonic GH4. The drone shots were done with a Phantom II with my GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition. Enjoy watching.


FFM AIR – 4K from Lumen Art Studio on Vimeo.
By Daniel Haußmann

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