CameraLends Releases Referral Service for Commercial Pilots

San Francisco, California. ​As demand for drones and commercial UAV pilots continues to grow, CameraLends now allows drone owners and operators to advertise their services for free and receive direct requests.

Other hire-­a-­drone-­operator services exist, but they charge a monthly fee of $10-­20/month that does not guarantee an increase in business. CameraLends differs from these networks as referrals are manually reviewed and unlocked individually for $9 per lead. Every member that signs up for CameraLends goes through a verification process, so each request can be reliably trusted and guaranteed to not be spam.


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CameraLends has supported drone rentals since launching in 2013. In a move to better support licensed commercial operators, this latest release removes CameraLends from the payment process and empowers businesses and individuals to keep 100% of the profits they earn through platform referrals.


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As the top search ranking for ‘Rent a drone’ on Google, CameraLends is an excellent advertising channel for your aerial photography or videography business. Even if you’re a hobbyist and just want to make some extra cash renting your drone (not operating), listing your rig on CameraLends is a great way to earn some leads.

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