Wedding Photographer Shoots Batman Themed Wedding with a Drone – Interview with Brian Ozegovich

Brian Ozegovich was raised in Lindenhurst, New York and had his first photography exhibit at the Lindenhurst Library. When he was in High School, his father worked for Pan American airlines, which allowed him to travel the world taking pictures of different destinations. After displaying them at the library and receiving positive feedback, he was hooked! This is when he first realized that he wanted to work in photography. He’s been a professional wedding and portrait photographer since 1985 and is now the owner of a wedding photography company called Park Ave Studio located on Long Island. The company’s motto is “You’ve spent months on details, now keep your wedding pictures forever.” His goal is to be as inconspicuous as possible during his clients’ wedding so they can enjoy that special day with their friends and family. He is the resident photographer to several prominent catering halls and wedding venues in the Long Island area. He was also one of the first photographers on Long Island to offer drone wedding photography and videography. He believes offering aerial photography and videography is one of the best ways to capture all the details especially the architecture of your wedding venue. His long-term goal for the future is being able to include drone photography in all of his wedding packages.

Park Ave Studio is located in Sayville, NY on Long Island.


Tell us about yourself and your background.

Having the opportunity to travel at a young age was very life-changing. I was able to see places that the average 14-15 year old didn’t get a chance to go to such as China, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain. When I went to Barcelona, Spain, that was the ah-ha moment for me.


How did you get started in the drone industry?

Burger Brothers had a drone in their store. I decided to check out aerial video on Youtube, and then I got hooked. I realized, hey I can do that too!


Tell us about your company, what it is, and your role there. How did the company get started? 

My company’s name is Park Ave Studio. I am the owner and main photographer. I have a staff of eight people who help me with my photography and videography. I decided that in order for me to become financially successful in the industry, I had to let go some of the control and have some other people work for me. I trained them my way so I was confident that any of my clients would receive the same care and attention to detail that I would provide personally. And it seems to have been working well for almost 30 years.


Tell us about your team and what makes them great. Any interesting stories about how the team came together? 

We seem to be a well-oiled a machine. We work well together and we all get a long like one big family.


What type of drones and gear are you flying? Any plans to upgrade?

Currently I am flying DJI Vision 2 Plus Drones. I just upgraded to the 3D Robotics Drones which are much more automated.


What is your favorite drone to fly and why?

The 3D Robotics is amazing. It’s got a better automated system which allows flight planning to be simple.


Who are most of your clients, or your most common types of projects? What’s your favorite type of project and why?

Most of my clients are local couples on Long Island who are looking to have a unique element at their wedding. I love having drones at my wedding shoots because it gives the guests something fun to interact with while also providing beautiful imagines and videos.


What project that you have worked on are you most proud of?

Joanne and Peter’s wedding at the Bourne Mansion. It was a Batman themed wedding where the original Batmobile, Batcopter and all the characters were there (the 1968 version of Batman). We used the drone and we got everything and everyone in the video.


Are there any upcoming developments at your company (products, services, projects, etc.) you want to share with our readers?

Having the 3D Robotics is key because it allows us to set and go. The DJI system is completely manual and would require us to take time away from our traditional photography by operating the drone.


Do you have an FAA exemption (or relevant certifications in your country)? (If yes, What was involved in getting it? If no, has that been an issue?)

We do not. As there has been more and more talk about drones in the media, nothing has been established in our industry for making us get an FAA exemption.


What are some of the characteristics of a great drone pilot?

Creativity – smooth flying – and interaction with the drone and people. This is based on for event drone photography.


How do you make yourself and your business stand out in the crowd?

We were literally the first company on Long Island to offer drones as part of their wedding package. People are always looking for something new and different for their weddings. We saw and opportunity and took advantage of it. People are blown away by seeing their wedding from a bird’s eye view.


What advice would you give to others who want to get started flying drones?

Learn how to fly the drone manually before attempting automation. Go out and practice! Create a reel of your best aerial photography and videography so when you approach other businesses you can show the benefits.


What advances in drone technology are you excited about?

The automation of circling, following, take off and landing.


Is there anything else that we haven’t touched on that you would like to share?

With the drone photography service, I have been able to show something that other companies aren’t doing, which makes me stand out. Most companies look exactly alike. Most customers look at price and what else they can get out of it.



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