World’s First Drone Film Festival – Flying Robot International Film Festival

The world’s first film festival celebrating aerial cinematography has arrived.

The Flying Robot International Film Festival will be held on November 19 in San Francisco and will showcase the best of drone cinematography.

In order to show off aerial cinematography in its full capacity, the FRiFF has 6 categories for entries. The “Drones for Good” category in particular aims to show the viewers why drones aren’t as ominous as some media may have us believe. Even organiser Eddie Codel says, “so many people just assume the worst. With Drones for Good, I hope to offer another narrative as to why we should carefully consider drones as lawmakers start banning them everywhere.”

Other categories include cinematic, aerial sports; ‘LOL WTF’, student film and ‘I made that!’ The latter category is for DIY enthusiasts who have built their own drones. The category does not require the footage to be shot from the craft, but rather show the building process of the drone.

In an attempt to encourage entries and attendance, costs will be kept low with entries costing only $5 and admission costing $15. In the student category, entry fees will be waived altogether.

In March, the smaller but world-first drone film festival “New York City Drone Festival” debuted at the Directors Guild Theatre to an audience of over 400 people, however was only opened to local entries.

The FRiFF will be opened for entries worldwide. FRiFF aims to be to drone cinematography what Cannes is to international films.

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