DJI Phantom 3 Follow Me Mode

The tech giants who put drones on the map have yet again raised the bar with an exciting new feature added to the DJI Phantom 3 series. DJI has released a “Follow Me” mode for the Phantom 3 as one of the 5 Intelligent Flight Modes, which is an autopilot setting that allows the Phantom 3 to fly completely autonomously while tracking a subject.

“Follow Me” is thanks to the employment of “GLONASS” – the Russian equivalent of GPS, which stands for Global Navigation Satellite System – that allows the craft to connect with significantly more satellites than GPS, making it possible for the drone to hover in place and track a subject without any input from the pilot.

This new technology captures footage that would once have required an entire aerial crew to film and is available on the Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced and Standard.

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The tracking technology is a major deal for extreme sports fans. Whether it’s skiing, BMX riding, hiking or otherwise, you can now effortlessly film yourself and your friends in the same shot. Useful for more tame events too, “Follow Me” makes it simple to capture things such as family BBQs and sporting events. With a 3-axis gimbal, you never have to worry about poor framing; the technology ensures the subject it’s tracking is never out of the shot.

Online reviews have praised “Follow Me”, and the Phantom 3 alike for its beginner-friendly nature.

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