DroneDeploy Launches Free Map Processing For Any Drone

(San Francisco) September 15, 2015 ­­ DroneDeploy, a Silicon Valley tech company that provides cloud–based aerial mapping software for commercial drone operations, announced today that they’ve made their software available for free to anyone in over 120 countries, providing users with the fastest solution available to automate their drones and receive detailed aerial maps and 3D models.

In addition to providing free, browser­based map creation software, the company announced a new feature called Map Engine, a way for businesses to easily create maps with any drone—regardless of manufacturer.

According to CEO Mike Winn, Map Engine was the logical next step for DroneDeploy. “In the past, DroneDeploy hasn’t been easily accessible to anyone with any drone,” said Winn. “That changes today. Map Engine is a way for any drone owner to create maps and 3D models by just uploading their data into DroneDeploy. And like the rest of DroneDeploy, it’s really simple and really fast, delivering most maps in under two hours.”

Users just need to upload aerial imagery into Map Engine and DroneDeploy’s servers handle the rest—producing fast maps and 3D models, stored in the cloud. “Needless to say, we’re really excited to get our mapping technology into more people’s hands and continue raising the bar in this industry,” touted Winn. “We have hundreds of users from all over the world that are extremely vocal about the ROI they’ve achieved with DroneDeploy.

Users in the agriculture, mining, construction, and surveying industries… to them, the potential for commercial drones is obvious—one of our key responsibilities is to advocate the value of drones for all businesses, so that everyone is aware.”

DroneDeploy’s free mobile app is currently available for Android devices through Google Play and lets users automate mapping flights for drones manufactured by DJI. An iOS app is slated for release in the coming months.

Map Engine is available today via open, opt­-in beta, through the DroneDeploy dashboard and is compatible with geo­tagged imagery from any drone. To opt­-in, click here.