Geo-Fencing to Become Mandatory for Drones

Geo-fencing may soon be used to control where and when drones fly.

It’s no secret that drones have occasionally gotten a bad rap by the media. Often presented as a Big Brother-esque ‘eye in the sky’, the concerns for safety and privacy are rising.

The geo-fencing debate has been making great waves in the US, with Senator Charles Schumer introducing a proposal to make it mandatory for all drone manufacturers.

Geo-fencing will use GPS to define boundaries and prevent UAVs from flying in certain areas or at certain times.

Chinese manufacturer DJI is set to introduce mandatory geofencing in order to prevent their kits from flying in restricted airspace over Washington DC. This comes after a DJI Phantom was found crashed on the lawn of the White House earlier this year. DJI spokesperson Michael Perry has added that they intend to expand on this in the near future and use geo-fencing in order to further restrict kits from flying in restricted areas. This would prevent drones from taking off in areas such as airport runways and government properties, and most recently, in the vicinity of natural disasters.

The latter comes after a recent issue in San Bernardino, California. Fire fighters were required to deploy aerial efforts to combat a bushfire, but were forced to jettison their loads and land their crafts due to drones flying overhead.

geo fencing picture

Geo-fencing will also be able to ensure drones don’t enter the flight path of commercial vehicles – a growing problem, according to Schumer. Recent data shows drone sightings by pilots have increased from 238 in 2014, to 650 so far in 2015.

In talks for the future is fencing around international boarders after another DJI Phantom was found on US-Mexico drive with cocaine strapped to its body.

While these events certainly prove unfavourable, it is evident throughout history that any new technology can be misused. Geo-fencing is a practical precaution to ensure that the use of drones stays safe and continues to benefit the public.

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