FLYBi – a Game Changer in Firsthand Flying Experience

Meet FLYBi, the world’s first truly autonomous drone that gives you a first-hand flying experience.

This soon-to-be- released drone and integrated First Person View goggles and head-tracker camera is definitely a game changer when it comes to the first person view flying experience. The easy-to-use drone opens a world of new perspective for even the most novice flyer. FLYBi is available for preorder on Indiegogo with expected delivery in April 2016.

Head-Tracker Goggles

The Head Tracker Goggles allow you to get a view from high above the ground while keeping your feet firmly planted. With the head tracker goggles you can experience flying like a bird from the safety of the ground for a truly out of body experience. The Bird’s Eye View camera has head tracker sensors that tracks your head movements, which then transmits signals to the drone via a dedicated channel. Video is then live streamed from the drone camera to the two internal HD LCD screens inside the goggles. There’s also a front view camera, so you can switch between the drone camera and the goggles on the fly, with the head tracker gimbal that holds your camera and repeats your head movements.



Camera Features

The HD camera fitted on the FLYBi drone can shoot both photos (12mps) and video. The video can be shot at an incredible 1080P and 60 fps and also 720P at 120 fps. The rectangular lens is fitted on a head tracker gimbal for a more level and true shot.


FLYBi camera



One part storage system and one part landing platform, the Helideck is a truly one of a kind rapid charging system that gives your FLYBi virtually unlimited flight time.  When your FLYBi needs power, it automatically returns to the Helideck to get power.

The helideck boasts the following:
-Rapid charging system
-2 extra batteries for a drone and 1 general power source battery
-easy to store, charge and carry
-autonomous takeoffs and landing
-autonomous battery swapping
-can be installed on a car roof
-the autonomous battery swapping allows you to switch batteries out automatically allowing for a virtually unlimited flight time
-two external USB ports for charging other devices.



FlyBi tech specs


FAQs about FLYBi

What weight does the drone hold?
FLYBi holds up to 24 oz of extra weight.
How high and far can it fly without a recharge?

The flight range depends on battery level. FLYBi always measures battery level to be able to return home. When FLYBi recognizes that battery level is low it will automatically return home.

Also, flight range is limited with RC and video signal reception range. RC range is up to 2 miles. Video signal range as follows:

–  Controlled by RC – up to 1,2 mile

Can I fly when it is windy, rainy, etc.?

Yes, FLYBi is weather resistant. We recommend to use it under 10 mph ground wind speed.

Tell me about the safety features (i.e. sensors, etc)

FLYBi has passive and active safety systems. It is secured with thick and durable propeller protectors and several ultrasonic sensors that allow it to recognize and avoid obstacles. You can set sensors sensitivity according to flight conditions and your pilot skills.

Can I change out the camera with a different one?

You cannot change the FLYBI FPV camera. FLYBi has plenty of space at the bottom so you’ll be able to install external gimbal or mount for GoPro easily.

Can I see a live feed of the drone video through the goggles and wrist attachment or is it a playback function only? (i.e how is that live feed transmitted, do I need a wifi connection?)

That’s what we call “Bird Eye View”. The video will be transmitted through the front of the drone to your goggles in real time. Also Head Tracker sensor inside the goggles is always connected to servo motors that move the FLYBi FPV camera. The signal is transmitted and received by a separate transmitter and receiver (not the ones used for controlling the drone). This system allows the drone camera to become your own eyes in real time.

What field of view can I rotate the camera?

The camera follows your head movements. Camera movements are limited to 55 degrees each direction to avoid disorientation.

Are there regulations to fly a drone?

You should fly your drone according to your local laws and regulations. Make sure you make yourself familiar with local laws before you start flying any drone.

Are their insurance requirements to fly a drone?

It depends on your local laws and regulations.

Can I fly it indoors?

Yes you can fly indoors easily, though there should be enough space to do so.

Are there safeguards in place if the FLYBi runs out of batteries during flight?

Yes, flyby returns “Home” (either to the Helideck or to the place it took off if you are not using the Helideck) automatically as it runs out of battery. This feature can be disabled by advanced users or if your purpose of use requires it to fly just one way.

Are there safeguards in place if it gets lost or stolen? (i.e. how can I find it?)

If you do lose the FLYBi, the drone GPS system will help you to find it.