Caterpillar embraces Periscope for product demonstrations

To demonstrate its products, a company plans to use drones streaming video to Periscope. No, it’s not some gee-whiz startup, but Caterpillar, the large-equipment manufacturer that’s experimenting with the technology.

Peoria-based Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT) started the initiative today, with multiple videos streamed from its facilities in Illinois. In one video, Caterpillar representatives explained that these demonstrations are generally given for customers and dealers. Another video showed the company’s heavy machinery from above, as shot from a drone.

All this is, ostensibly, an attempt to expose new audiences to Caterpillar’s products, Chicago Inno explained. While a good deal of the audience for these online demonstrations might be people who download the Periscope app specifically to watch Caterpillar, the company is hoping to reach new audiences, the post said.