The Intelligent Drone Revolution Begins 9/13/15: Botlink XRD

Botlink has announced that the hardware compliment to their best-in-class drone control software will begin shipping to customers next week. The XRD (Extended Range and Data), allows users to process data in real-time and at extended ranges, including beyond-line-of-sight. This technology will change how we work in the industry by allowing users to get actionable data instantly. Simply secure the device to your drone, connect to the network, and let the data processing begin. The XRD is compatible with every drone on the market.

Botlink uses extremely powerful, yet convenient and compact external antennas that are proven to get incredible reception – even when smartphones on the ground struggle to find a data connection. Our proprietary georeferenced photo stitching uses lat/long information for precise stitching even when sampling images from homogenous crop fields like full canopy corn or wheat. The XRD transmits this data through the cellular network to process and interpret your results immediately.

When Botlink started building this product, they sought to solve issues with operator experience. What has come as a result of their research is a software interface that combines aviation, command and control, safety, and regulation into one core application. All the Botlink safety features you know and love work seamlessly with the XRD.




For pricing and order information please follow this link.