The Drone Market Environment Map 2015

When we hear the buzzing sound and wonder about the variety and creativity of drone utilization we should consider that this new “hobby” will definitely change the world in pretty much every aspect and direction. What is behind the latest innovation in the sky?

Drone Industry Insights ( provides an outlook into the global system of the commercial drone industry by presenting the “Drone Market Environment Map 2015”.

This map describes the structure of the current influencers of the drone industry and will be updated and maintained frequently due to the quick market change. It will help you to identify the different and relevant stakeholders of the drone industry supply chain.

Remark: The map is not a ranking tool – logo size and position are located randomly and only according to readability of the company’s logo.




This drone market environment map illustrates a current snapshot of the drone industry and represents:

– …324 influencers
– …14 industry clusters
– …31 countries from six continents
– …66% US majority


Cluster prospection (in alphabetical order)


This cluster defines the engine of the drone industry by consolidating knowledge and expertise by aviation and UAV legends for convincing the high opposition of authorities and doubters. Coalitions such as AUVSI and the UK UAVS, global and diverse unmanned vehicle communities work closely with the aviation authorities and promote unmanned systems technology for civil and defense industries. For geological and agricultural UAV purposes USGS is the biggest partnership in the US. The research association ARA informs and assists the society and corporations to understand the need of a smooth integration of the drone industry.


Frames, engines, propellers, batteries, antennas, transmitter, autopilots, screws and bolts: the parts and systems catalogue of drones is huge and good quality is an essential feature for reliability. Companies like TBS from Austria, the American autopilot specialist UNAV and the drone-launch supplier Robonic Ltd from Finland for example, support you to assemble your customized UAV system to suit your individual industry needs.


UAV individual platforms as the UAS Summit & Expo or the Interdrone are bursting at the seams – the demand of booths can be hardly covered. The UAV conference boom hasn’t reached Europe yet, but this is just a matter of time.

Drone Operator Marketplace:

All commercial operating functions can be reached through the dealers and traders of standard or customized UAV solutions. Currently a small amount of competitors such as Drones for hire, Airstoc or Book a drone with high potential for an explosive increase hold the global leadership. We are sure that the aviation Leasing giants GECAS or Aercap are working hard on business cases to increase their “aircraft” fleet. UAV job platforms such as Dronelifes Job for drones are definitely required to cover the high demand of UAV specialists.


This cluster is underestimated so far if you consider the impact of the requirements of the UAV regulation. Practical training and pilot licenses equivalent to the commercial manned aviation will be an evolutionary outcome if you ensure a safe sky traffic below 500 feet. Specific UAV training provider like Dartdrones are just the beginning. Surprisingly we found a huge bound of UAV online tutorials for UAV software on Udemy.


We were wondering that UAV specific insurance companies as Drone Insurance or UAV Protect have been established by now. But sorry for speaking it out we expect a couple of M&As by the global players like AIG or Statefarm.


The biggest cluster in the current drone world. More than 100 participants including the revenue kings DJI, 3DR and Parrot, which are already rated in the Top 20 Manufacturer ranking Q2/2015, are just a small picture of the tremendous growing UAV start-ups.

Scanning the manufacturer with primary industry purposes we identified some small surprises as the German Air Robot which recently won the tender of being an industry partner to the US BNSF railway inspection program. Autonomous transportation solutions, as presented by Matternet, will soon reach “the” milestone of the UAV industry: the logistics revolution. The biggest challenge for the manufacturer is to face the safe “beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)” operation in combination with long time endurance. Industry and Authorities need to find a solution soon.

The Drone media is dominated by the American market. One of the first UAV specific blogs was the sUAS Magazine which consolidates and analyzes information about the expanding drone business. Other attendees are split into B2C and B2B media platforms as Dronebly and Dronelife. The non-American media minority is led by the Indian Unmanned magazine, specialized in the Asian market, which also publishes a hardcopy magazine. The Swiss Good Drone magazine explains the interesting approach of public acceptance towards drones and how drones can be used “in a good way”.

Service/Software/Systems/OS/Mapping/3D Modeling:

Obviously the most underestimated important cluster with the highest development potential is still led by startups with driven engineers. Drone airspace maps, flexible flight planning modules, maintenance planning, parts and personnel monitoring are crucial for commercial aviation.

If the manned commercial aviation would like to benefit from the unmanned aviation tools, software and systems they should consider the innovative influencer as Skyward, Dedrone or Airware to ensure safe operations.

The variety of supplier ranges from wholesale of UAVs, parts and accessories by Droneshop or Helipal to configured solutions provided by

Universities/Institutes/Research Programs:

Universities take part in the drone industry by ensuring the continuous education of drone personnel and engineers as well as research of technology and software. Find the information about drone universities on the university map.

User Groups/Networks:

A user group/Network is a set up with common interests with the goal to benefit from each other by bundling resources for e.g. marketing programs and events. SUAS global or Shedrones stand for such platforms with specific interests.

We hope that the drone market environment map 2015 generates transparency into the vast drone world. Our purpose is to build bridges between the different industry cluster and to connect the drone map influencer (

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