A Smart Drone to Protect Your Home and Business

Alpha combines rugged design, autonomous flight, and wireless charging to become a revolutionary security system that delivers video, audio, and amazing 3D maps directly to your smartphone.

When Alpha senses an intruder, it notifies your smartphone & security provider then autonomously lifts off to check things out.

The app makes it easy to control the Alpha and investigate the matter. The Alpha takes action by flashing lights and playing a message to scare off the intruders. You can even talk into the app and out through the Alpha if you have some choice words of your own. The Alpha is also streaming to your security provider so they may respond and the footage is saved in the cloud for later review.


Alpha drone app



After the intruders have fled, Alpha autonomously flies back to base to charge. Alpha gives you smarter camera angles and drastically quicker response time by combining automated patrols, way-points, and object tracking. This fusing of intelligence and versatility will make the Alpha a pioneering product in the drone and security market.

Find out more, and preorder your own on the Indiegogo campaign.