Top 20 Drone Manufacturers – Rankings by Droneii

Droneii expanded their drone manufacturer ranking to an industry company ranking to give a better insight and to show all current players in the commercial drone market. This extended ranking reveals components and system manufacturer as well as software-suppliers in addition to the drone-platforms. These companies represent significant players in the commercial drone market and require appropriate consideration in the ranking.


The French drone maker Parrot (▶1) is still in the lead followed by DJI (▲2) and Ghost-Drone manufacturer Ehang (▶3) a safe distance behind.


New players in the TOP20 ranking are the four American software companies esri (6), SkyWard (9), Airware (17) and AGI (18) as well as the NIR (Near-Infra-Red) specialist Aegis (7), camera manufacturer FLIR (13) and the micro drone manufacturer Nixie (10).


TOP20 Drone Company Ranking Q3 2015



Comparing the current ranking to the hardware manufacturer of Q2, 2015 you can see quite a lot of changes. Of course a few positions shifted due to adding new big (software- and components-) companies but let’s have a closer look on the most substantial movements:


Zano (▲5)

The autonomous swarming drone manufacturer collected 3 million Euros on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and with some delay they are ready to ship as per now. The tiny drone of the Torquing Group (a light weight of only 70gramm) even topped Hexo+, another popular drone project and at the time one of the most funded drones on Kickstarter ever.


CyPhy works (▲11)


Yet another Kickstarter campaign, which raised almost $900,000 in LVL 1 from 1,500 backers and just another $22 million in Series B. This will fuel the commercial launch of the tethered Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC) vehicle. This UAV (like Facebooks “Aquila” or the Google owned “Titan Aerospace“) is a near-earth satellite system, which allows enormously long flight durations.


Aeryon Labs Inc. (▲12)


Aeryon Labs is a provider of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for military, public safety and commercial operator worldwide and is now partnering with Microsoft on its new Microsoft Advanced Patrol Platform (MAPP) vehicle. Microsoft has chosen Aeryon’s SkyRanger UAV to demonstrate aerial image and data capture for MAPP. The Waterloo, Ont.-based Company has secured a $60 million investment from global growth equity firm, Summit Partners.


Syma Toys Co.Ltd. (▲14) and Shenzhen Hubsan Intelligent Co.Ltd. (▲15)


With the holiday season ahead the Chinese Guangdong-based Company Syma Toys and Shenzhen Hubsan Intelligent Co.Ltd. are moving up along with the Christmas sales. Their products are very easy to use, start from $29,99 and made it onto the Amazon List of the hottest toys of the holidays.


Helico Aerospace Industries US LLC (▲16)


Started as another Kickstarter Project in July 2014 ($1.4M in Crowdfunding) Helico (HQ in Lativia) collected another $2.5M seed money in February this year. The result: the Airdog – a foldable drone designed for autonomous video shooting in action sports – is the CES 2015 Award winner (Best Drone or Robot of CES 2015). With an estimate of around $1M Revenue sales it seems are running rather well.


Microdrones (▲19)


With a variety of industrial, governmental and commercial uses the German Company Microdrones works it’s way up into the TOP20. With many global contracts and an extended workbench called AVYON located in the US, production capabilities for Microdrones were increased according to the high demand.



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