How to Upgrade Your Stock Drone

Drones have taken the photography and video world by storm. Not only that, but they have given adults everywhere a satisfying way to channel the inner childhood pilot within. They are invigorating, exciting and well, pretty addictive. Technological advances in drone technology have led to some amazing selections available in a wide range of prices, where even the most affordable drone these days is most certainly not obsolete.

Each drone has special qualities and upgradable features that can be added to increase the overall performance. There are drone accessories of all sorts of which can be personalized to customize your droning experience. For instance, FPV (or first person view) gives the user the perspective of the pilot. There are many view options for the user to choose from, where some choose to completely engulf themselves in the flying experience through the optical google accessory. Others may choose the glasses drone accessory in order to maintain some line-of-sight.

The internet is full of hacks and modifications that can easily be made to your device in an effort to further increase its performance, one of the most popular being modifying your drone to extend its flight distance.




Things to Consider

Before buying your next new drone, there are some features that you should consider, as such upgrades will easily optimize your flying experience.

  • Return home GPS feature – Be sure your upgrade not only has this feature, but also that the feature itself is easy to navigate.
  • Gimbal stabilization – The Gimbal stabilization upgrade will result in a smooth flight that ultimately results in more pristine photographs and video.
  • Remote controlled camera – Do not sell yourself short by purchasing a drone with a subpar camera. Instead be sure the camera is high-quality and has adequate storage space.
  • Battery life – Do not underestimate the importance of a sufficient battery life. Also, do your due diligence in finding and installing any upgrades or mods that promise to extend the battery life.


Never underestimate the power of an upgrade or modification, do your research and keep your drone up to date with the latest tech advances aimed at improving your droning experience! Check out for more information about Drones and drone upgrade options.

About the author: Kevin Skaggs is a project manager for Skaggs helps to run their blog and expand people’s knowledge. is a leading drone retail company based in California.