New Multiplayer Indoor Drone Game – Interview with Robert Schochmann, creator of Drone’n’Base

Team Anima Technika Ltd. of Slovakia was founded in 2008 by 20-year-old Robert Schochmann. Together with some friends, Schochmann started developing unmanned aerial vehicles that won many international design and technological competitions. We interviewed Robert Schochmann to find out more.

Tell us about yourself and your background.

Drone´n´Base was created by the Anima Technika Team. As CEO of this company, I picked the best students from university that wanted to make new ideas come true. Some of them were my ex classmates, some of them studied in different fields of study. We have worked on different projects, created various drones before. We presented some of our ideas on Startup and Science shows around Europe. Together with my team we received a Diploma at Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards in 2013 as Global Finalists. Since then we are trying to improve our ideas and make them more enjoyable and accessible to everyone.


Tell us about your current project.

Drone´n´Base is the only indoor game with drones that you can play with your friends. It offers air racing, battles and practice. The tech core of our project is almost finished. Some finishing touches are required and once we launch a successful campaign on a crowdfunding portal we can then start the manufacturing of Drone´N´Base and deliver final products to our customers.




How does Drone’n’Base work?

Drone´n´Base is the only indoor drone game, which changes flying with drones into exciting drone racing, thrilling battles or free practice. The exceptionality of this game lies in the connection of drones and electronic bases. Drones have built in infrared cannon, which can shoot down the enemy drone. That is what makes Drone‘n‘Base so exciting. You can set the base to be a target, checkpoint during racing, or various bonuses like speed up, shield, power up, health regeneration or battle trophy that you have to defend from an attacking enemy. Your quadcopter is controlled via an app. You can download this app for your iOS or Android device whether its smartphone or tablet.


Who are most of your clients?

Our target is primarily a male audience  ranging in age between 10 and 50 years, gamers, Non-gamers, RC modelers, fans of drones and people that just like to collect and play with cool gadgets.

Are there any upcoming developments at your company (products, services, projects, etc.) you want to share with our readers?

We have developed another project – a flying simulator for science museum. It is mainly used to show and explain to people how a drone is controlled.

What are some of the characteristics of a great drone pilot?

Fast hands, good eyes 🙂


How do you make yourself and your business stand out in the crowd?

Drone´n´Base is the first and only drone game which is designed for the indoors. It includes electronic bases and is controlled by smartphone or tablet, so you don´t need extra joystick.


What advice would you give to others who want to get started flying drones?
Buy Drone´n´Base and you will never be bored at home or at a party! You will see how easy it is to control a drone and how much enjoyment this game can bring you.


Is there anything else that we haven’t touched on that you would like to share?

The unique feature of Drone´n´Base is not only flying drones, but also the interactive base. Why? It is because with the base you can check lap times in Race-mode, charge your health in Battle-mode, fill your water tank in Extinguish the fire mode, capture the base in Capture the flag mode and much more. More game modes will bring more options/uses to both drone and base. It enhances the gaming experience and is not just pointlessly flying drones around anymore. We gave the drone flying a different, more enjoyable purpose. Drone´n´Base is an indoor game, that can be played by kids, students, people at parties or employees during work breaks. All you need for playing is the Drone’n’Base package, smartphone or tablet, and our application.


Drone’n’Base is available for preorder on Indiegogo