JIYI Robotics Showcases Turnkey Solutions at CES 2016

JIYI Robotics Showcases Turnkey Solutions at CES 2016

At this year’s CES, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) took the leading role, including some of China’s drone enterprises, which attracted many well-known media sources. JIYI, one of the representatives of China’s drone enterprises, showcased 6 types of turnkey solutions and 2 kinds of handheld gimbals, which received a lot of positive attention.

1st Turnkey Solution (X650)


The 1st turnkey solution is called “long flight time industrial level turnkey solution” with the diagonal size reaching 650mm. It is characterized by its folding and portable capabilities, also supports a ground station and aerial gimbal. JIYI can customize automatic obstacle avoidance, wireless charging, waterproofing, data recording, precision landing, auto-return charging, etc.

2nd Turnkey Solution (P265)


The 2nd turnkey solution is called “mini folding consumer level turnkey solution”, with the diagonal size reaching 265mm. It supports ground station and indoor positioning. They also can customize gesture recognition, voice recognition, facial recognition, waterproofing, automatic obstacle avoidance, etc.

3rd Turnkey Solution (X380)


The 3rd turnkey solution is a quad-copter with the wheelbase reaching 380mm. This drone attracted a lot of visitors because of the industrial design, and it also supports ground station and aerial gimbal, which is the same as the 1st turnkey solution. In addition, JIYI can customize the same functions as the 2nd turnkey solution.

4th Turnkey Solution (H380)


The H-shaped turnkey solution with the wheelbase reaching 380 mm has similar functions with the X380 even though it has a vastly different appearance.

5th Turnkey Solution (Y6-520)


This tri-copter was one of the most popular products at this exposition. It is characterized by a coaxial double rotor, and can safely return home even with a broken propeller. The design of the removable rotor blade can avoid personal injury and ensure excellent safety. The whale-shaped style attracted the global media’s attention during the CES show.

6th Turnkey Solution (H260)


The last one is a consumer level turnkey solution with a diagonal size reaching 260 mm. It supports video downlink, ground station and indoor positioning, and also can be customized with all the same functions as the above-mentioned turnkey solutions.


Handheld Gimbals

JIYI showcased two kinds of handheld gimbals at CES 2016, the G5-S and View-3.

Handheld Smartphone Gimbal (G5-S)


This gimbal supports the iPhone 5 series, iPhone 6series and other flagship smartphones smaller than 7 inches.

Handheld sports camera gimbal (View-3)


JIYI staff showcased the handheld sports camera gimbal.