New AirMule Drone strong enough to carry two baby grand pianos

While many of our gadgets get smaller and smaller as technology progresses, drone engineers are aiming at the opposite end of the spectrum. At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, EHang revealed their EHang 184, an autonomous drone that can bring a passenger along for a ride. A trip in the 184 would have to be a return trip, however, as there is very little room for luggage. Unless you are accompanied by UrbanAero’s new AirMule drone, that is.

The AirMule is a giant drone specially designed to carry cargo. How much stuff can you load into this beetle-like mammoth? 1,100 pounds! That’s about two baby grand pianos! Or two and a half EHang 184’s. It can also fly 12,000 feet in the air. It can fly at 110 mph. And it can fly for up to 5 hours. Autonomously.

This is an impressive machine. But you won’t find it on any “Best of CES” lists, because, unfortunately, it appears to be designed for mostly military purposes. Supplies can be taken into combat and casualties can be carried out without putting a pilot in danger, making the AirMule a sought after vehicle.

A consumer-friendly version of the AirMule may be in the works, however. UrbanAero’s CEO, Rafi Yoeli, tells Wired, that the safety measures on the AirMule are designed to meet the Federal Aviation Administration’s requirements.

“This is to ensure that down the road,” Yoeli explains, “the public will be allowed to purchase and fly these vehicles legally and safely.”