Development Trends in Drone Technology

The CES show has become an important stage for the latest high-tech products. In the drone arena, we can predict drone development trends by observing the relevant exhibitors.



The most exhibited drones tend to be more intelligent, including features such as mobile control, indoor positioning, automatic obstacle avoidance and the like. DJI, Zero Tech, JIYI and EHANG are the representatives of Point of Interest and Follow Me mode. The drones from DJI, Zero Tech and JIYI are also capable of indoor positioning. In addition, the 2nd generation of XIRO XPLORER has realized automatic obstacle avoidance.


These technologies, although they have been applied to the drone before, are not yet used extensively. In 2016, we believe these latest technologies will be gradually improved and expanded in the drone industry.




Qualcomm and Intel also entered into the drone industry recently. Qualcomm decided to cooperate with Zero Tech on intelligent control, including 4K video and image recording, optical flow and sonar sensor positioning, facial recognition, gesture recognition, intelligent visual follow, automatic obstacle avoidance.



Socialization may become a new feature available on consumer level drones. XIRO launched XplorerMini during the CES show. In addition to intelligent control, socialized function is a main feature of this drone, which allows the user to share pictures or videos on social media anytime and anywhere.


XIRO collaborated with China’s social media Tencent on “YING” drone. In the future, users can share real-time videos or images through Tencent’s social media software including QQ and WeChat.




EHANG is trying to create their own social drone platform. EHANG Play of GHOST 2.0 has a social function, and users can live chat while controlling the drone.



XIRO launched XPLORER MINI which weighs only 410 grams.


In addition, JIYI also launched two mini-drone turnkey solutions. One is folding and portable, another is H-shaped with the diagonal size reaching 260 mm.