Drones and Virtual Reality Collide

Typically, when two technologies are developed around the same time, someone has the idea to combine them. After digital cameras and cell phones, for example, were introduced to consumers in the 90’s, it did not take long for the two to become forever joined. Some of these combinations make more sense than others, and the recent combination of drones and virtual reality technology definitely makes sense.

Video shot by drones can provide breathtaking views from areas unreachable by humans, but they only provide a single perspective. Wherever the camera is pointing is exclusively what you see. Now imagine being able to turn your head and look above, behind, below, and through a fireworks show? Adopting virtual reality technology as an addition to your drone gear makes this a possibility.

There are many options for 360º cameras that can be attached to a drone for recording. This video can then be viewed with Gear VR, Vive, Oculus, or other VR headset. Can’t afford one? Then use your smartphone with Google’s Cardboard VR platform or YouTube’s 360º video options to get an inexpensive look at your drone’s view from all angles.