Indoor Positioning Technology in the Drone Industry

As we all know, outdoor precision hovering is available in large numbers of drones, but how can we achieve indoor precision hovering in the case of weak or unavailable GPS signal? Here are several companies that offer this latest technology.

No.1 Parrot

France-based Parrot might be the originator, as it were, when mentioning the vision positioning system.


Parrot AR


Typical Example: AR Drone Series



No.2 DJI

DJI first integrated an indoor positioning system into the Inspire 1 in 2014, and then applied the technology to Phantom 3. And DJI is the first of the Chinese startup companies to apply indoor positioning technology to its drones.




Typical Example: Inspire 1 & Phantom 3



No 3: JIYI

JIYI also launched a vision positioning system, making it the second drone business in China who succeeded in integrating a vision positioning system into their drones. A drone equipped with this vision positioning system can hold altitude up to 5 meters.




Typical Example: P2 Pro Flight Controller + Vision Positioning System


We will no doubt see more drone businesses engaged in developing indoor positioning technology in the near future.