Drones Data X Conference comes to San Francisco June 3, 2016

The Drone Data X Conference is taking place in San Francisco on June 3rd, 2016. This is an event where some of the best minds in UAV technology can meet and share ideas, and learn about the merging of big data and drone technology.

The highlight of the event will be a day-long conference in the 120,000 sq ft Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, where delegates will be exploring future opportunities associated with design, testing, manufacturing and construction of UAVs.

The focus for this conference will be on ‘Drones and Data’. Many of the leading firms in big data and UAVs from around the world will be present. Companies like Movidius, the leader in sense and avoid chips, are already on board, as they have been a supporter of the events for the past several years. Drone Deploy, who has been leading the autonomous programming of drones will be speaking at the event.

Leading the event organisation is Managing Director of Voxpro USA, Philip McNamara. Speaking at the launch, Philip said “I see huge potential in the development of Drone Technology, and in 20 years we’ll really see what drones are all about – the future of personal transportation. We’ll have some of the best minds in drone technology here in San Francisco.” 

Some of the leading companies from Silicon Valley will be taking part:

  • Movidius are the leaders in ‘Sense and Avoid’ chips. Their CEO, Remi El-Ouzanne will be there.
  • Joby Aviation wants to rid us of traffic by building a battery powered VTOL plane.  Founder Joeben Beverit will be present.
  • Skycatch is developing drone robots that can automatically land, re-energize and take high altitude photos for logging companies and construction companies to track progress. Christian Sanz, their CEO will be there.
  • DJI is a company that produces the world’s most popular drone, the Phantom. DJI will be demonstrating some of their new technology.
  • Drone Deploy. This company helps people to make sense of the huge amounts of data that is generated by drones.

The event is followed by a VIP weekend where founders, VPs, CEOs and Investors get together to discuss idea and do deals. Guided activities such as Kitesurfing, Mountain Biking, and Surfing in beautiful Santa Cruz, California are included.

Unlike a traditional conference, the speakers, investors and CEOs will enjoy a weekend together to discuss strategy, learn from each other and build relationships.

Elizabeth Ciobanu

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