Drone Community can step up for Fiji

By Gary Yost

Some of you may have been following the films I made on the island of Vanua Levu in Fiji last summer. Due to Tropical Cyclone Winston this has been an extremely challenging week for our friends there. The Savusavu area, where my family was last summer making films, has been utterly devastated. The church in the gospel video is completely gone. The Qoli Wawa (fishing ceremony) village of Nukubalavu has sustained horrible damage, along with the villages of Vivili and Naidi. Our beloved friends Sia and Vosa and their 12 children have seen their house completely disappear. So many people there have lost everything — plus their crops are ruined, removing their source of food. The farm in the Naqaqa Family Farm video has disappeared. This is a dire situation, folks.

It’s tragic and sickening and we can all help by sharing a little of what we’ve got. It will go a long way in Fiji (!) and I urge you to donate what you can. Gavin de Becker’s Naqaqa Giving Foundation (www.fijicharity.org) is set up to deal with this exact sort of calamity RIGHT NOW. They are currently working to restore water and basic services to the villages of Naidi and Vivili. Mike Freed’s Savusavu Community Foundation (www.helpfiji.org) is sending $500k (ten palettes) of medical supplies with a med team of 5 people plus 2 logistics coordinators on a noon flight tomorrow to help stave off what looks like is going to be a horrible period of bad water, no food, typhoid, cholera and other diseases. They are borrowing money from anywhere they can to pull these supplies together before these diseases run rampant there.

Please open your hearts and donate to help these incredible people… the kindest people on earth and now the neediest.

We can make a difference. The beautiful people of Fiji thank you. Vinaka vaka levu!