Announcing the DJI Phantom 4

March 1, 2016 – As many speculated, DJI announced the release of the Phantom 4 today. Billed as DJI’s smartest flying camera, the Phantom 4 also boasts ability to avoid obstacles, fly with a tap, and automatically track a subject.


Twin front facing optical sensors send a constant stream of information to the Phantom 4’s brain so that if it gets too close to an obstacle, it stops. If it sees a way to go over or around, it will. You just need to worry about your shot.


See somewhere you want to go on your screen? Tap it to fly there without using a control stick, then tap another point to continue flying. Perfect for flying the Phantom around tricky obstacles or to simply capture the perfect straight shot.


Powered by advanced computer vision and machine learning, the Phantom 4 is able to track people and other subjects automatically. No bracelet or trackers required. While it is tracking, use the remote controller to adjust distance, angle, height, or even shoot a moving Point Of Interest shot – impossible for all but the best pilots to reproduce.


A re-designed 8 element aspherical lens further reduces fisheye distortion, minimizes chromatic aberration and enhances corner sharpness. Record video at super crisp 4K at 30fps and 1080p at 120fps, and capture 12 megapixel and Adobe DNG RAW compatible stills for a professional look.


Expanded battery capacity and improved efficiencies throughout the Phantom 4 bring flight times to 28 minutes, giving you more time in the air to catch that perfect shot.


The Phantom 4 is available for sale on the DJI site for the launch offer price of USD $1399.

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