Infographic: Shooting Video With a Drone Legally

The number of commercial applications for drones are growing quickly, and demand for things such as aerial videos of weddings and regular top-­down monitoring of farm lands are keeping pace. As such, thousands of video professionals in the United States are incorporating drones into their sets of tools. Drones let them get great aerial shots, survey property and simply take their work to literal new heights.

For privacy advocates and government regulators, this has become a contested space. As a result, the laws regarding what a commercial drone videographer can and cannot done remain in a state of flux — and that’s frustrating for video professionals who have neither the time nor the resources to constantly monitor relevant federal, state and local laws.

That’s why the team at AllDigital, Inc. has put together the infographic below. It gives an overview of some of the major regulations and federal guidances you need to know if you want to shoot commercial video with your drone.

Full disclosure: This should not and cannot substitute real legal advice. To make sure you’re up-to-­date on the laws and are fully compliant, definitely speak with a lawyer. But this infographic will help you understand what kinds of questions you need to ask.
Infographic: What You Need To Know About Shooting Video With a Drone
Source: Infographic: What You Need To Know About Shooting Video With a Drone