Teen Wins World Drone Prix, Dubai Announces ‘World Future Sports’ Games

This past weekend, a 15-year-old pilot from England was announced as the winner of the first ever World Drone Prix, hosted in Dubai. The winner took home a prize of $250,000. At the conclusion of the games, Dubai also announced that it plans to host the World Future Sports Games.

The set-up of the World Drone Prix included four pilots at a time swooping through twelve laps of an aerial course, with Dubai’s futuristic skyline in the background. Dubai clearly took the games seriously – pilots were supplied with F1-style racing overalls as they maneuvered the course, using VR headsets to the see the point-of-view camera feeds from their drones. Luke Bannister of Tornado X-Blades Banni UK ended up taking the victory. Check out some of the action in the video.

Continuing it’s reputation as a technologically progressive and forward-looking city, at the event Dubai announced that it plans to host a World Future Sports Games in December 2017. That event will include “robotic swimming, running, wrestling and car racing,” according to Associated Press. And of course that also includes drone racing.