SelfieBot for education. DIY mobile driven robot.

Endurance opens a source code for schools, universities, and robotics camps.

SelfieBot is a basic (stationary) telepresence DIY robot.

SelfieBot DIY is a tool that turns your mobile device into a smart machine, transforming it into a mobile driven robot. With a SelfieBot you can record a video and it will automatically track your face. SelfieBot enables you to attend a class remotely, or a perfect tool for interaction with team members if some of them are far away.

And the best thing is: with just a little guidance from us you can make your own robot. Improve it (if you can) and share with others. Become part of the SelfieBot community.

To make your own SelfieBot doesn’t take a lot of time and special knowledge. To help you, Endurance will provide you with:

1. CAD firmware schematics

2. STL files for 3D printing

3. Microcontroller code

4. Android code

5. List of all the parts you will need


Basic features of the SelfieBot

Rotates a mobile device on two planes, and tracks a speaker’s face using Google API and our app. Can be controlled remotely.

Any upgrades are welcome. Upgrade and share with our community. SelfieBot is a way to improve your skill in robotics, a way to create your own robot based on the SelfieBot’s firmware/software. Join our society, become part of the robotics community and enjoy doing what we do together.



What we hope to improve in the near future:

 Make it compatible with iOS/Windows

 Add an IR marker tracking system

 Add a wireless charger

 6000 mAh external battery bank

 Movement Sensor

 Voice-activated Control

About SelfieBot: Our mission is to educate and encourage students by means of a friendly robotics network, to empower them with knowledge and skills necessary to create and develop their own robots useful in the education sphere. Hobbyists and students, join us! Master your skills and knowledge, get some experience making an Endurance DIY SelfieBot.

We invite schools and universities to test SelfieBot as a learning project for students. Test it for free. Donations are welcome.

by George I Fomitchev
Founder of Endurance
+1 239 302 0053
+7 916 225 4302
Skype: george.fomitchev