Mosquito: The customizable, modular, 3D-printed drone

Bonadrone was born with the aim of bringing technology closer to the end user, by promoting creativity and an interest in learning about how it all fits together.

Their journey is starting with their very first drone, the Mosquito. The Mosquito is a 3D-printed, customizable drone, which effectively allows the user to develop and tailor a drone to suit their style and needs. To make this project a reality, Bonadrone will launch a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, starting on April 6th.

So what do users have control over? Well, there are three levels of customization. The first is based on the appearance of the Mosquito, and involves selecting a color for any part of the drone, including the logo on the top cover.

Mosquito drone


Second, users can choose from a range of accessories to give their drone a specific functionality; if you want a drone for photography, choose the gimbal, if you want it to carry something, add on a hook. These accessories are easily interchangeable. Eventually they hope to extend the amount of accessories available to their customers after a successful IndieGoGo campaign.

Lastly, buyers can decide if they want to improve the performance of their Mosquito drone. This can be done by replacing part of the frame with carbon fiber, upgrading the flight controller or transforming from a 4 propeller drone (Quadcopter) into an 8 propeller drone (Octocopter).