DJI Broadcasts First Drone Video Over Facebook Live

Yesterday (April 12) DJI, the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer drones, streamed the first Facebook Live video from an aerial platform. DJI has recently formed a partnership with the social media leader. The video was streamed during Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference in San Francisco, where a DJI Phantom 4 drone broadcast attendees in the Herbst Pavilion to a live audience watching on Facebook around the globe.

“DJI’s Phantom 4 is the premier aerial solution for video and other imaging needs, and we are pleased that our partnership with Facebook allowed its developers to experience some of the capabilities of our flagship consumer drone,” said Michael Perry, DJI’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. “As Facebook Live expands the reach of exciting live video, DJI’s line of image stabilization and aerial products are the ideal equipment solution to make any video extraordinary.”

Live video has become an increasing focus of online and mobile activity, and DJI’s line of Phantom consumer drones and Inspire professional drones lead the market in terms of streaming high-quality aerial imagery. The image stabilization technology in those drones is also available in the Osmo, a handheld video platform that delivers rock-solid imagery even in shaky environments. DJI drone owners that have paired their device with the company’s DJI GO app will be able to stream footage direct to Facebook Live video later this April.


Tuesday’s demonstration  featured the Phantom 4 drone, DJI’s most advanced quadcopter camera platform for consumers. It offers highly advanced computer vision and sensing technology, as well as ActiveTrack technology, a point-and-click system to keep the camera automatically centered on any subject as it moves; TapFly technology, which allows users to simply tap a point on a control screen to allow a drone to fly there autonomously; and an Obstacle Sensing System that continuously scans for obstructions and either stops short of them or routes the drone around them.

But you don’t need to buy this $1,700-plus model to try aerial livestreaming for yourself. Facebook Live video will work with all the company’s amateur and professional drones that are compatible with the DJI GO iOS and Android apps.

Drone enthusiasts can also meet up and bond over a good flight after this week’s launch of a meetup-style companion app from DJI.