Collaborizm: a great resource for drone innovators

Collaboration between inventors, entrepreneurs and all kinds of creatives across fields and even around the world is now possible thanks to an online tool called Collaborizm. Collaborizm fosters a unique collaborative community by introducing and bringing together friends, co-workers, experts and mentors, so they can collaborate on projects and enhance their skills and capabilities.

This type of tool is especially timely for the drone industry, where there are so many budding ideas that just need a few creative minds working together in order to get off the ground, where these minds may be in different parts of the world.




Steven Reubenstone, founder of Collaborizm, confirms the importance of the platform for the drone industry: “Since starting Collaborizm, I’ve seen an incredible amount of creativity and diversity in the types of projects and discussions started here.  And it seems that many of the platform users are interested in drones and drone development, as well as hardware learning in general.  I think that drones are not only becoming more prevalent, but more interesting to a wide range of inventors, entrepreneurs and gadgeteers based on the sheer amount of engineering fields that go into building one drone.”

The idea for Collaborizm first hit Reubenstone when he was an undergraduate at the University of Miami. He observed that students were siloed in their majors and in their social networks and he recognized the need for an online collaboration tool to break down those silos.

Reubenstone also felt that there are many people around the world with many great ideas that were stymied because they could not find the right teammates or mentors to help them move their ideas forward. While pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering, Reubenstone conceived of an online platform that brought diverse people, talents and ideas from the around the world, together, allowing them to start projects, join teams or even simply connect with like-minded individuals.




A recent startup, Collaborizm has already grown to more than 30,000 users from 50 countries around the world and looks to grow to 100,000 users over the next six months. Collaborizm is now beta-testing its second iteration, which adds a host of new features. The new site boasts enhanced forms of discovery to enable users to find their most ideal collaborators and projects, and also provides guided milestone-tracking to help virtual teammates instantly begin and monitor collaborations. The new version displays greatly increased speed and functionality, such as an Activity Feed where users can enhance their reputations by contributing to different types of discussions; such contributions are rated by the Collaborizm community and earn users a “collaborator rating.” Enhanced project workspaces facilitate icebreaking, discussion, brainstorming, guidance, and trust. Collaborizm is now also optimized for mobile devices.

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