Paying to play in Las Vegas at NAB 2016

With so much to see and do in the city that never sleeps, the NAB Show adds another stop to the Vegas tour.

The show’s tagline is “Where Content Comes to Life” and it certainly held up to that statement. Drones are as popular as ever and this year’s NAB wasn’t so much about new drones as it was about what’s new for drones. From VR headsets to new camera equipment, there was a little bit of everything on the arena floor.

3DR came with a virtual truck load of new ideas and products for their SOLO platform. DSC06054Working within 3DR’s Made For SOLO program, several companies had their newest products on display at the 3DR booth.  From an IR camera solution, to a 2 camera rig setup for capturing 360 videos, to a rugged portable power system that supplies SOLO with an virtually endless supply power – the MADE For SOLO program is just beginning to take off.

SOLO’s launch was only a year ago at this very event and from that point to now, it is clearly generating a lot of interest with 3rd party companies looking to make products for owners.

DSC06051 DSC06057 3DR’s Site Scan enterprise solution. 

IMG_PROD_QX-1_02Available for preorder this summer, the Site Scan package introduces a new way to capture ultra-high resolution images with the gimbaled Sony UMC-R10C. The large APS-C image sensor allows for exceptional low-light and low-noise performance. Couple that along with the ability to capture 20MP stills that prove to be ideal for high-resolution inspections and photorealistic geo-referenced 2D and 3D models, the Site Scan package is a simple and easy to use platform for those businesses looking to do high-quality scanning and rendering at an affordable price.

For more info on these and other products 3DR had at NAB, check them out here

Just at the other end of the hall was DJI. And while they were not showing off a slew of new accessories, they did have their newest heavy lifter, the Matrice 600 on display.  DSC06099

The M600 can carry a payload of more than 13 pounds and stay in the air for about 15 minutes.

DSC06100The drone is powered by six batteries, allowing backup in case one battery fails. It also uses the A3 flight controller, allowing users to livestream HD video up to a distance of 3 miles.

The long running PHANTOM series was also on display.DSC06110You can read about the Matrice 600 here.

Next to DJI was GoPro, and many thought that NAB would be their first opportunity to see the much anticipated KARMA, GoPro’s first entry into the drone market.

GoPro_Karma-drone_teaserUnfortunately it did not make an appearance; however GoPro did say that they are working on releasing it sometime this summer.

Feiyu Tech has been making drone gimbals for many years now and this time they brought several recent models along with a couple of new products to this years event. DSC06065The MINI line has had great success in the drone market offering simple integration onto almost any platform. You can read more about Feiyu Tech and what they have here.

If you own a GoPro and haven’t heard of BACK-BONE, then you are missing out on a unique way to make your GoPro ten times better. DSC06085The folks at BACK-BONE were on hand to show some of their newest items including a new stereo camera setup they have attached to a 3DR SOLO, which will be coming to market very soon. Until then, you can pick up their popular Rib-Cage Air, which allows for other focal length lenses to be attached simply and easily, making your one lens action cam a more versatile action cam.

DSC06081To see and read more about BACK-BONE check them out here.

CONNEX by Amimon was there talking high quality transmission of HD footage wirelessly.

DSC06039The importance of a zero or as close to zero latency is critical in today’s video transmission world, and CONNEX is by far the leader in this field. Whether you’re an FPV racer operator or a full size drone operator, getting that feed down to the ground quickly and in the best quality is important, and the folks at CONNEX know how to get it done.

You can see more of their work here.

Portability has been and will always will be a factor when transporting drones. With backpacks and cases for just about every drone on the market, the people at GDU looked at portability a bit differently.

DSC06089Their drone folds in and compacts down to the size of iPad for easy transport in most regular sized backpacks. The gimbal attaches quickly and easily, making the entire setup smooth and fast.


Simple to operate modes and functions make it a good drone for those needing something with a more flat transport factor. You can check them out here.

Drones and their uses are still fairly new to most, and while those on the outside may see them as simply a “toy”, it’s clear to see that those on the inside do not. We are at a unique moment in time where various forms of technology are combining together along with drones to make for new and exciting products as well as ways we see the world around us.

If there was ever a place on this planet where people come to see amazing things, Las Vegas would most certainly be on that list and this years NAB certainly did not disappoint.

It’s only been 365 days since last year’s event and look how much things have changed. Who knows what will be appearing on stage next year.








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