Never Lose Your Drone Again – Interview with Trackimo

There’s no bigger bummer than losing that new drone you just bought. With Trackimo, you now have a way to track where the drone ended up when it went spinning off crazily (of course through no fault of your own). We interviewed Trackimo to find out more of the story behind the product and how drone pilots can benefit.

What is Trackimo? 

Trackimo is a personal safety and security tracking device that is easy to use and affordable, which is used to keep track of your most important people and things: children, elderly family members, your car or bike, your bag and so on. The Trackimo is a small device that combines GPS location technology, cellular GSM wireless communication, motion-sensing technology and more, and it is wirelessly connected to a global system, and when you attach it to your precious things or people you can be sure you know where they are and get alerts if something goes wrong. You can see their location through a smartphone app or a website, and get alerts if they cross certain geographical boundaries that you draw on the map, or if they press the emergency SOS button on the device. If you place the Trackimo in your car or attach it to your bike you can get an immediate alert if the vehicle is being moved when it shouldn’t be, or attach it to a drone so you’ll easily find it if it flies away, and so on.




How did the idea for Trackimo come about? What has the process of developing the product and the company been like? Who have been the key players in your team?

GPS technology has been used for tracking and surveillance for a couple of decades, but GPS tracking devices have always been expensive and difficult to set up and use, and so it was mainly used by professionals or security forces, and were out of reach for the common people and for everyday use.

We saw a growing need to provide personal safety and object tracking and we made it goal to provide a solution to this need at a low cost that everyone can afford, and to make it simple for anyone to use.

We combined our technological experience from the communication and software fields with our business background and connections in the data roaming world, and rated the first proof-of-concept prototype, which proved that we can produce a device and combine it with communication technology and global service at a cost less than half of any other solutions before. And so we launched the company and started our global system that has delivered close to 100,000 Trackimo devices to date.

The team that started Trackimo is made up of experienced entrepreneurs and technology experts, which combine business know-how, communication and cellular technology, security and other relevant areas. The team spreads the globe, with software development in Tel-Aviv, Israel, hardware engineering and manufacturing in Shenzhen, China, business headquarters in New York, USA and sales offices in Poland, France, Germany, Latin America and more.


How long has it been available? Have there been any hiccups on the way in terms of product development and release?

The first Trackimo Universal was announced in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 2014, and started selling towards the end of 2014. At first people used their Trackimo devices through a web application, and then following a lot of requests from our customers we developed the Trackimo app, first on iPhone and then on Android. Both are available today, and the Trackimo web application is available too, with many features and capabilities.


Who is Trackimo for? 

Trackimo helps many people in many different ways:

Parents use Trackimo to make sure their young children are safe – by attaching a Trackimo to the child’s belt or in their bag or pocket, the parent can make sure they get to school / Kindergarten on time, use geo-fences to know if they go out, and the children can use the SOS button to alert their parents if they are in distress.

People with family members who need care, like elderly or people who suffer from Alzhemer’s or dementia – they use Trackimo to see that their family members don’t wander off and become lost.

Dogs are known to run away or, regretfully, get stolen – many people use Trackimo to keep an eye remotely on their dogs, and to know if the dog gets away from the house.

With Trackimo many people protect their cars and cycles: it is easy to stash a Trackimo in a car or a motorcycle, so that you know immediately if it is being moved when it is not supposed to (using the movement sensor) or go out of the neighborhood (using geo fences). You can also know if your car is going too fast, using the speed alert, and track it from anywhere.

Trackimo can actually be attached to most valuable things that might get lost, like drones.

When you go traveling, it is always a good idea to put a Trackimo in your personal bag or luggage, so you can always know where it is.




What features make Trackimo stand out compared to other item-GPS location devices?

First, Trackimo gives you an out-of-the-box simple solution that contains everything in one price: the GPS tracking device, the sim card and communication, unlimited use of the app and web and everything you need by a single company. And this entire package at the best price.

Trackimo also includes global roaming with no additional cost – you can take Trackimo anywhere in the world or attach it to people, bags or objects that are going abroad – and you keep tracking it wherever you are without paying even a cent more.


How do you see this product as a must-have accessory for drone users?

Drones are awesome, but they are notorious for sometimes getting out of range, losing connection or just running out of power and dropping out of the sky somewhere and it is very difficult to find them.

By attaching a Trackimo to the drone, drone users can always track their drone if it gets lost and retrieve the precious gadget. Trackimo has become so popular for tracking drones, that some drone vendors are selling it as a bundle deal with their drones, and people have even developed a “mount” (a holder) to easily connect a Trackimo to the drone.




Do you have any upgrades or new products in the pipeline for new release? Any other projects your company is working on?

Towards the Holidays season we plan to release a few more Trackimo models, for example a wearable GPS watch using the Trackimo technology, and a small, light-weight Trackimo that you can wear around your neck like a pendant, which will also enable a voice conversation between the person wearing the Trackimo and trusted people who use the Trackimo app on their phones.

We are also developing an embedded version of our chips and electronic modules so our technology can be integrated directly within other electronic devices such as drones & cameras.


Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Trackimo provides open programming platforms for app developers and business partners who can use the Trackimo API to program their own apps and system and connect with Trackimo devices through our cloud system. Anyone who has an idea for an app or a business case for connecting Trackimo to their system is more than invited to contact us and discuss it. We will help app developers create revenue streams by reselling Trackimo through their apps, as well.

We believe there is a lot more that we can do for our customers using our technology and experience, and we invite people to share their ideas and questions on our facebook page and visit us at


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