Drone Journalism Boot Camp Coming at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

By Matthew Waite | So we’ve got Part 107 now. We know what the rules are going to be. The first major hurdle for journalists and journalism educators wanting to use a drone to do journalism will be passing the FAA’s test to get certified.

We can help.

We’re having a boot camp here at the Harvard of the Plains from Aug. 12-14. We’ll startFriday morning and by Sunday afternoon, we’ll have covered all the sections of the FAA knowledge test, you’ll have your own study materials and everything you need to pass the test when it becomes available Aug. 29. On top of that, you’ll go home with the first public copies of the Drone Journalism Lab’s operations manual, which will give you guidelines and checklists for safe operations. The fee for the boot camp will be $195, and you’ll get breakfast, lunch, two FAA resource books and all the study materials you can stand. And we’ll end the day with some flying of our own.

Details are coming together now — we’ll have a registration site, hotel information and other logistics up soon — but if this interests you, put your name and email address into this Google Form and you’ll be the first to know when details become available.

Hope to see you in Lincoln in a month.