Skysense Charging Pad cloud-edition now available

You’ve been asking for it… and now it’s here! The cloud-managed Skysense Charging Pad is out of Beta and available to the public. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to autonomously charge your drone and monitor the status of your charging pad. Simply connect the pad to your socket wall and router, install the drone kit on your drone, start your flight and wait until the drone comes back. Your drone will start charging automatically the moment it lands, getting ready for the next mission.

Skysense Network Manager
Sit back and enjoy monitoring your drone network in real-time. With Skysense Network Manager web-based interface you can now monitor and manage your Charging Pads and Droneports, running your on-demand, scheduled and persistent missions. Questions? Then leverage our online support to put your mind at ease!

Skysense Charging Pad and Network manager are compatible with most of the drones nowadays on the market including DJI Matrice 100, 3DR Solo, ASCTEC, MULTIROTOR, Inova Drone, senseFly.