THE SOURCE: An East Europe Travel Story

Two California compadres believe The Source resides somewhere in Eastern Europe, and once located, they can break free from their daily cycles of routine and familiarity. Preston Clarington and Douglas Gimbal travel 2,500 miles in 9 countries over 20 days to find it, and it’s not what they expected.

This is a travel film masked with narrative storyline and some wannabe Wes Anderson elements in an attempt to entertain you long enough to watch the entire 13½ minutes. If you’ve ever had one of those “remember when” recap conversations at the end of your trip, you might relate. Our moment of reflection made us feel pretty good, and we hope to articulate the sentiment in color.

The Source is in Eastern Europe and it’s in Los Angeles, California. It’s just around the corner and it’s just over those hills. It’s with the old lady walking this way and it’s with the young boy running that way. Curiosity is everywhere. Many of us become too complacent with our daily routines, and then we become anxious when years fly by feeling something missing. What sparks curiosity might be different between you, me, and the Bulgarian youngster on the other side of the fence, but we all seem to share a similar sense of enjoyment when recognized. Become curious about what makes you curious, and you’re now one step closer to The Source.

Unsolicited mental wellness opinion aside, we encourage anyone planning a next trip to consider ALL of the locations in our video. While some destinations are more well-known than others, all have such warmhearted and welcoming people amidst an impressive variety of natural beauty, unique architecture, and vibrant culture. Sadly it seems that tumultuous history keeps many of these places off mainstream travel radar, but those who give it a chance will be rewarded with so many trip-of-a-lifetime experiences this region has to offer. We visited in March, and hear it’s warmer in the summer:)

By Cory Campbell